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  1. GG&G bolt release button that they are willing to sell? Used is fine. Thanks!
  2. If you don't feel like waiting until November for the tube, here is one for sale on eBay.
  3. Thanks for the list! Since my original post I installed a limbsaver and a DMT oversized safety. Currently looking for a GG&G bolt release and am considering the TTI shell lifter. Haven't gotten bitten though, so that mod may be put on the backburner. As for the SYNCH mount, I had a chance to get a brand new one for $70 shipped a few weeks ago but I passed, as I that would make the sight too low for me with the collapsable stock.
  4. I was one of those people. A quick upgrade to the A&S frame fixed that though.
  5. I don't have any experience with that particular group, but I can sing the praises of the FFT kit. Super smooth, NP3 coated, and meets 922r requirements.
  6. Absolutely. The finish is as near perfect as I think it can get, and the tube itself is amazing. Super light, perfect threads. It looks amazing on the gun.
  7. No, it should not have loctite on it. Do you have the right sized screwdriver head for the bolt in there? Just turn slow while pushing firmly on the screwdriver then it should come right out.
  8. This is very helpful! Now that I can see the process, I realize it's not as involved as I thought. I will get a forstner bit if necessary, but @StrangerDanger can a paddle bit be used with a battery drill?
  9. I reached out to Kip directly and he emailed me this morning.
  10. So it shipped Monday and it’s already out for delivery today! So excited!!
  11. According to CC, the tubes shipped out yesterday.
  12. Oh I'm not upset in the least, I was just giving you a pointed reply. No sense in getting worked up over what people on the internet say.
  13. ^Same. I'll happily put other Briley parts on there though.
  14. You’re assuming a lot of things about me. And who said anything about complaining about usage marks? My last tactical shotgun was thrown off of a four wheeler on a stone driveway simply because I wanted to give it some more character. This M4 will be shot until it falls apart. I’m asking for parts recommendations because I’m sure folks here have done things to their guns that I haven’t thought of. Plus I have the money to do it, so if I want to hang doo-dads off of my gun, I will.
  15. Do yourself a favor and buy this LimbSaver pad. This gun already manages recoil well, but with one of these you won't even flinch at 3 1/2" shells.
  16. Do it. I absolutely love mine and I'm sure you'll like yours too. Lightweight, cycles all shells well, and is super comfortable to shoulder.
  17. It was about a week. With CC shipping notifications usually come within a day or so of payment, but Marcy got hurt so that pushed things back by a couple of days.
  18. I have an SBE3 and have not found any issues. There isn't a problem with the gun; it's designed to shoot like that. Just have to change where you place the bead. I haven't had any problems with it shooting high or off center. Really fun to shoot, I'd recommend you pick one up.
  19. I just received my shipping update, so I’m guessing I’ll receive the tracking within a day.
  20. Yup! She called me about a week ago for payment. It's delayed a bit because she broke her leg last weekend and needed a few days to get sorted. Spoke with her earlier this week though and she is getting around just fine, thankfully. The tubes were getting media blasted then coated, so she expects to start shipping close to the end of this week.
  21. ^ That's a good deal. And Frosty, if you don't need to have a brand new one, here is one with a tube and c-stock for the price of a brand new gun.
  22. Speaking of the M3, this just popped up on Gunbroker.
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