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  1. Thanks! I just ordered the set of them along with a hammer, so I'm pretty excited for it to come in! Earlier tonight I ended up using an allen key to finish off the pin. Accidently knocked it out, but I was able to get in back in easily enough.
  2. @StrangerDanger What punch are you using in this picture? My brass punch set apparently grew legs and walked away last weekend while I was at a shoot for the 4th, so now I'm need to replace them. Can you make some suggestions that are brass and similar to what you're holding in this photo?
  3. Damn, just missed out on this.
  4. Nice!! That looks fun to rip around on!
  5. Awesome! Ever ride trackdays?
  6. Haha nice! I came across this video and now I'm searching for a vice. lol
  7. Yup. The Ducati factory in Bologna is closed the entire month of July. Found that out on June 28th when the motor in my Panigale blew up.
  8. lol, that's an expensive oops.
  9. I'm right there with you. I stopped counting when I hit $3k into this damn gun. lol
  10. My brand new M4 did the same thing when using 2 3/4 Federal 9 shot 00 Buck. I ended up trimming the spring a little bit and it solved the problem. Oddly enough, the spring is now the correct length for my 7 round tube. Works perfectly. No need to worry about math and spring pressure. If you want some help though, email Sean at Wolff Springs and he'll tell you exactly how many to cut.
  11. Well.. that was certainly an interesting read... lol
  12. Mine is doing it too, but tbh I kinda like it. A little character makes the gun more of my own, ya know?
  13. ^This. It kinda bugs me that Benelli has the balls to call it an H20 when in reality it's no different than the regular model. Now if you were looking at an original NP3 coated version for a decent price, I'd say go for it. Otherwise, save the $200 and put it towards upgrades like a seven round tube or a collipasable stock.
  14. Yup, sounds like yours is sealed on there as hard as mine was. Just be patient with the heat gun and focus on that spot I told you about. About two minutes of direct heat should be enough to loosen it up.
  15. It’s not just the vise. Benelli put a shit-ton of red thread locker on there. I had to heat mine several times because I’d get half a turn here, 3/4 turn there. Eventually I just said screw it and focused the heat on the inner part of the receiver where the threads screw into. Headed it up until there was a decent amount of smoke coming out of the tube then I was able to spin it out. Just be patient then you’ll get it out without damaging your finish.
  16. Yeah they're pricey. GG&G sells it for $124 and that's pretty much the going rate. Occasionally I'll see it for around 100, but never less.
  17. Well the Airtech 10180 will be a perfect fit for your pistol grip or field stock. It just won't fit on the collapsable stock. *edit- also, there isn't an Airtech pad that fits the collapsable stock. You need the original Limbsaver like Stranger has pictured at the top of this thread.
  18. Okay, cool. PM me then we'll work it out. Well this is an issue with any limbsaver pad, unfortunately. To get the c-stock fully collapsed you need to drill out a 7/8" hole through the plastic pad. I wouldn't recommend doing that with an AirTech though, as you're going to rupture the air cavity that provides the cushion and reduce its effectiveness. Also, the Airtech pad is larger than the c-stock so it would hang off each side by almost a 1/4". If you want to put a limbsaver pad on the c-stock, you/ll need pad #10403.
  19. Perfect! I was looking into these and I can't justify paying $120 when all they did was machine a mm or two off of the existing button shaft. I've got a buddy who works in a local machine shop who will do it for free, so I might as well go that route. I'll PM ya with my info.
  20. Yes. It's 10180. If you're going to buy one, don't go spend $40+ tax. I have a brand new one that I bought thinking it would fit the c-stock, only to find out it does not. Shoot me a PM if you decide to go that route then I'll be able to save you some cash.
  21. I was afraid of that. Eh, I guess I'll just splurge on a set of Forester bits then. Unfortunately there is not an AirTech pad that will fit the collapsible stock. It will, however, fit on the standard and field stocks.
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