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Wouldnt this mean that every time one removes the barrel it would be necessary to "zero" the sights? This doesnt seem logical. I would assume that, due to the fact that the sights are essentially static, simply removing the barrel would not have an effect. This, of course, is assuming the barrel is mating properly with the receiver. I am, however, shotgunNoob. So take what I say with a grain of salt. Man, I need to change my sig.:)

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Well, with the red dot install, this is outside my realm of experience. However, it would be my inclination to assume that everything would remain the same. For instance, I have a laser sighting system which I mount onto the rail of my handgun. Now, even though I take this off on a regular basis, I have yet to run into the need to re-acquire zero with it. However, this may not necessarily be the case in your situation as we are talking about entirely different weapon systems. Regardless, I would think that unless you somehow knock the sighting off by accident, it should hold zero. Best way to check, however, is to take it back to the range and see.

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Tucker, close as in hardly noticeable? Or close as in a few inches? Or feet?


Something in the neighborhood of 2"-3" at 100 yards would be expected.

May not happen, but the possibility exists.


While the barrel and scope are all attached, you will still get a slightly different assembly and different torque on the assembly.

This can cause slight changes in harmonics and the mating of bolt face to chamber.


Take a look at these two photos.

I shot these today with my muzzleloader.


The three in the ten ring were shot after the barrel was warm (not hot) from a few previous shots for scope fine-tuning.



I noticed I was getting some vertical stringing, even though the barrel was supposed to be free-floated from the factory.



So, I let the barrel cool completely. After all, that's the way it's going to be when I want to take a shot on a deer tomorrow morning.

On the cooled barrel, it shot about 3" higher.




While that's an unusual variance, usually warmer = higher, it's still a variance.


The dollar bill test confirmed barrel to wood contact about 3" from the recoil lug. Something I should have done before going to the range, but I trusted the maker's claims of a free-floating barrel.


It's not enough to worry about immediately, but it shows what a small amount of torque and pressure variance can grow into at 100 yards.


When I'm done packaging the meat tomorrow, I'll take the gun apart and remove the problem area with some sandpaper wrapped around a wooden dowel.

Then I'll go back to the range and recheck the zero.

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But the question is, Is it truly necessary to go to the range to check again? A 100 yard shot where i hunt is something you would never see. If you guys sound pretty confident that it may not be off by much i'm not sure i need to go to the range again. I can deal with an inch off at 50 yards, that buck will still drop like a bag of bricks.


-If it doesn't i have 4 more in the tube and 5 on the stock. :)

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Barrel heating will affect your POI more than just remounting your barrel (provided nothing gets knocked).

Always sight your gun in with a cold barrel. Wait between shots for the barrel to cool. You going to be taking that shot with a cold barrel.


I have a 12 volt boat bilge blower with a long cord. It has a 4' hose on it. I plug it into my truck cigarette lights and put hose over barrel w/action open to cool the barrel.

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Smooth bore shotgun barrel. No change in POA/POI. In all honesty, your shooting a big muzzle loader. Which in itself, is not as accurate as a barrel that is rifled.

Rifle, anytime you remove stock from barreled action, sights, optics, rail, etc. it could affect POA/POI. I have seen it dramatically change. I have also removed optics and reinstalled with no change.

Hope this helps.

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