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What is the best sporting clay shotgun

Sport shooter

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Votes for gas semi-auto's.


Remington 1100 or 1187; Beretta 390 or 391.


Don't know much about the Winchester gas guns, but some folks seem to like them.


But I'm starting to warm up to the Benelli SuperSport. A fellow I know who is a master class NSCA shooter uses one.

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that is an interesting question fore sporting clays you may have close shots and far shots on the same station so having an over and under, OU could be an advantage with two chokes but i seem to be able to swing the semi quicker . im not sure what the difference in the gas and enertia what are the advantiges please explain thanks

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For my bank roll I would get a Browning O/U. 2nd choice would be a Beretta O/U. If you have more money get some high end Italian O/U job. O/U shotguns reign supreme when shooting sporting clays. If you have less money get a Benelli/Beretta semi auto.


I really like the Beretta family of O/U shotguns but the warranty on the Browning is mcuh better and the Browning is more robust.

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What shotgun is the best to hold its own on the sporting clay field and in the duck blind?

When it comes to sporting clays, by all means, a double (either O/U or SxS) is fine, but, when it comes time for the duck blind, my doubles stay home and out comes either the pump or the semi-auto. A double in a blind is a pain in the rear for everyone involved (if you're in a blind with others) be it floating, stationary or one of them nifty lay down on the ground things. Either way, having to break open my O/U in a duck blind with my two sons caused me to miss out on a couple of birds.


That said, my answer would be either a semi-auto (gas or inertia) or, if you're really looking for a challenge, a pump!

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Okay, truth is for me the best all-purpose gun I own is my Benelli SBE II. It is probably too light to be a seriously dedicated sporting clays gun, but that did not seem to be the question that was posed by the OP. Mine will cycle everything from 1 oz loads on up without a hitch. It will even cycle the hot 7/8ths oz Remington Gun Club loads. I also do pretty well with it shooting skeet low gun (break the occasinal 25-straight) and it is fun to shoot sporting clays with once in a while. I have also used it with great success hunting doves, crows, ducks, geese, phesants, etc. The only downside is recoil is a bit more noticable, then, say my 11-87s, but it does everything I ask of it and then some. Money well spent IMHO.

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