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What is your favorite pheasant load?

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Pen raised birds at a pay-to-hunt farm, or wild birds?


Over dogs or no?


If pen-raised, over dogs, just about any plain old target load 3 dram (1200 fps) with 7-1/2 will work.


If wild birds, I like 5 shot at about 1330 fps.


Several manufacturers make nice pheasant loads. Search/look through old threads on this upland game forum for recommendations. This has been covered before.


If you reload (which for hunting is probably not that cost effective) I have a good pheasant load I'll share with you.


Good luck. Pheasants are wayyy too much fun!

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it will be pen raisded over dogs...


thanks timb!

They will let you get right up on them. Dogs will flush out a few. I have literally kicked pen raised in the rear to get them to fly off. I don't consider them to sporty but it gives newer hunters confidence in the beginning.

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