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Pump verses semi


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ok now this is a good topic fore descusion i have both the semi and the pump and i enjoy both i prefer the semi on the skeet field but there are a few that i call special that love to shoot the pump on the doubles skeet, i use it once in a while to hone my skills it dosent give you time to think between shots , but fore hunting i will use either one depending on the day ,it seems the pump never needs maintinance but its nice to have the comfort of just pulling the trigger i guess it depends on the person and preferance , what are your thoughts :cool: O O O and remember NO FLAMING :D

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OK, I'll bite.


First I've owned and/or use dozens of different shotguns throughout my career. All of which have operated very well.


On one hand my SBS Benelli M1S90 has never failed me in hundreds of entries, but on the other, no shotgun has calmed people down quicker than the racking of an 870.


An O/U Perazzi took hundreds of clay birds but my Nova took the ones with feathers.


Years later and 3 kids has twindled whats in the safe, but there is still one of each. A side by side Remington, an O/U Berreta 686, a pump Remington 870 and my two work guns, both Benelli's.


So after all that, what's my opinion....


Have to go back to "Can it to the job consistently and accurately" then each and every one of them takes the cake while hunting.


But if you're quoting Hemingway, then I want a Benelli, preferably an auto loader.



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I've had 11k rounds through my M4 with no failures after the break-in period.


I'd trust my life with it.


It is faster than any pump could dream of being.


There is no danger of short stroking a gas operated semi.


I've only found one round that it would not cycle (and it said all over the box that it wouldn't cycle it, I just wanted to test it anyways).


Use whatever you want, either will work ... You'll find most pump guys are envious of their automatic brothers though, and as such they make excuses as to why you don't "need" a semi shotgun ... and you don't NEED one, in the same way you don't NEED a Porsche. It's just super nice to have.

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Nothing says get out of my house in the middle of the night like a pump shotgun being racked.


i agree fully. my thoughts on this are;you normally tend to burn more ammo with an atuo, vs the pump. you wont take a third shot at a bird with a pump, and will with the auto. the flip side is that a new pump is very stiff and usually dosent work well or should i say "smooth" till it is fairly well broke in.

you can get back on target faster with the auto vs the pump, and the recoil on most autos are a little milder than that of a pump.

and last but not least, im lazy, i dont want to work that hard. as far as performance,i cant see what it matters what it is as long as it works ok for you. an old man i hunt with thats near 70, uses an old stevens single shot 12ga, he gets as many birds as we do and uses far less ammo. so use what you like, i do.:cool:

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I'll bite on this one too and, hopefully, won't tread on any toes! :rolleyes:


You have no arguments from me with the semi vs pump discussion. They both have their advantages/disadvantages. As it stands today (my opinion here), I would reach for the semi (M4) if "social work" is needed. I would also have a pump as back up!


The semi's of today are certainly far better than they have ever been with the latest technologies (Benelli M2 and M4). These two guns are very easy to clean and maintain. This is not the case with my Remington 11-87 or Winchester SX2. These are great shooting guns, but a lot more picky about their feed!


When our new "rulers" take our sniper rifles (my deer hunting rifle), the shotgun (I hope) will still be around.


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I wont get into the whole "pump vs semi" thing. But, for me, the SNT (pump) was the best choice due to "practicality" and honestly, price.


Even after all I have spent on this particular weapon, I would still have had to shell out an additional $700+ for a Benelli semi-auto shotgun of my choice. For an HD shotty, this just didnt seem reasonable.




PS- Sorry about the lousy pic...I was in a hurry.

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