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gun oil


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Sources for this information?


If you hunt around, you can find all sorts of firearms related testing of Ballistol... it's been around longer than most of us, and a product many consider the first modern "CLP".


Here's a rust prevention test.


Here's a semi-detailed document about Ballistol, including it's history.


It is a rather unique product. I don't know if H&K still recommends it specifically (I don't think they recommend anything specifically any more... liability, Magnuson-Moss, bla bla bla) but at one time it was recommended in the owner's manuals of the H&K P7, P9S, G3 and MP5.


I still have a can or two of Ballistol around somewhere... although lately I've been experimenting with a Canadian product called "Jig-a-loo".




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The last two years I put my SBEII through an experiment. I only cleaned it when it wouldn't cycle anymore. I hunted Canada in fall of '07. I cleaned it VERY well before that trip, then after that not again until 12/08 when my bolt would close as if it was in slow motion. Gun still fired, just not very fast. It made it over a year with lots of shooting before a cleaning. In the 2 I run FP-10 oil and grease.

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XCross: Non-toxic - says so on the can H&K - The Germans have been using it in on their military weapons since WWI, I think, WW2 for sure. Below is a link to a post where a guy points out that H&K even included Ballistol in the box with their new guns (post by leadpusher). :)



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Militec when dry claims to have surficants that are helpful if it was applied under controlled settings, on degreased surface. Then CLP after that. I never had any issues with Rem-Oil. Stay away from heavy based oils which tend to slow the cycling down a lot like grease would on low inertia actions that Benellis appear to have, especially in the cold as others mentioned which is spot on advice. I finally got an M4 I plan to keep this time. Wonderd the same as you what to use.

Good info here.

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no one mentioned corrosion x http://www.corrosionx.com/gun_use.html


I got some used mags once and they had rust on them and I used this on them and the rust wiped off and never came back.


Its a good cleaner and I have used nothing else in years and I have had no problems with cleaning = no need for hoppes - the only warning would be not to leave it thick inside mags (which is common sense on any oil) because it could get on the primers (bonds to metal) and no fire could result. a little bit goes a long way - and the only thing to beat it in rust tests I've seen on line is eezox but I think corrosion x lubricates better and longer.

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