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New M4...all over again!


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Today I picked up an M4. I have owned one before, sold it, missed it, bought this one. It is an 11707.


I test-fired it after:


Applying choke-tube lube to the threads of the gas piston caps and the choke tube, lubing the BC with LaRue MG lube, and hand-cycling it to spread.


I test-fired it with Remington Premier STS Light Target loads:




2.75 DR.EQ.

1-1/8oz #9 shot



I shot 25 rounds of this, and 25 rounds of some Estate bird-shot that was slightly hotter.


I only had one jam, and it was when my finger failed to allow the trigger to reset and I had a "dead-trigger" because I was doing a mag-dump and didn't release it. User error, poor trigger control, I am used to AR's.


I am pleased. It cycled that stuff (just barely, but it did) when brand new, it will cycle anything.


Mods planned:


Ti full-length tube and upgraded spring


Aimpoint T1


REAL M1913 rail (when it is made) along with a LaRue mount for the T1


A good sling


Trulock MOD choke

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i was just wondering, how much difference would their be with the aftermarket choke that you selected and the one's that benelli offers?


The Trulock choke changed my POI vs. the factory one, the pattern density was more evenly spread, and it seemed to do better with slugs. It patterned some loads a HAIR looser, some a HAIR tighter, but all of them had better distribution.


It also matches the chrome-lining because it is SS and I am a fan of color co-ordination :p


(This is my last exeprience)

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I take that the people who say the prices of M4's are crazy have no Scheels or Cabelas? There are 10 M4's within 100miles of me for $1495 and they get more in each week.


+1, I payed $1685 out the door, yes I payed 1-200 more than I should have, but I bought from a friend who's gun-store I spend a lot of time in and his manager set the price.

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