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Lookin for Ammo


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Hey Guys, I know this may not be the right place for it, but I am in a bind and need some ammo for work.



Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 38spcl. +P Part# 53921




I would like to get 6 boxes of this


38spcl practice ammo around the same grain.

Would like 1 case of this.


I would also like to get some Winchester Ranger SXT or T Series 45 Auto in 230gr. (Will also take in +P)




or/Federal HST in 230gr.


I would like to get 6 boxes of this also. And if it feeds well, I will order a case.


I will be using this stuff for duty ammo.


Need the 38spcl practice ammo for obvious practice of my back up gun.


Thanks in advance:

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Too bad Gunbroker is one of the main reasons you can't find stuff on the shelves. The only thing worse than a damn hoarder is someone who buys the stuff up to sell for massive profit. Or as it seems many of the people on there selling ammo are shops making a profit rather than selling to a customer.


When I change calibers or sell a gun and nol longer need my ammo I sell it for what I paid plus shipping. I would prefer to have friends after this shortage rather than a fat wallet.

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Cody you hit it right on the head my friend. However those that buy the ammo at those prices are just as much to blame. I refuse to pay those ridiculous prices myself. I can't believe they call themselves enthusists when in fact they are doing nothing but hurting the sport or hobby.Just my two cents I'm off my soapbox now.

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You're right it is the people paying the high prices that are keeping them high to begin with. The same goes for gasoline if people would quit being so passive those wouldn't sky rocket either.


The ammo prices have gone from being irritating to down right pissing me off. You gotta have some pretty big balls to ask what some of the folks on GB sell even FMJ target/training ammo.

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This link explains why their is an ammo shortage just troll the articles and it explains that we basically are rebuilding Iraq & Afghanistan's Military and Police forces and add the contracts to the Feds and this is the real reason for the shortage. HR45 has no chance of passing but is a good excuse for Washington to blame the ammo shortfall on someone else but themselves! Walmart value packs can't be beat for the price, you can't reload them for the same price Walmart sells them for and yes they are hard to get but LE should have an Armorer to purchase these items NO? i just picked up 200 rounds of 38 Special 130 G FMJ for 29.97 per 100 & 600 rounds of 45 Auto for 29.97 per 100 230 G FMJ. Just have to be first or second in line at Walmart when they open in the AM! Macks Prarie Wing has the Winchester PDX1 rounds in stock but they are 19.99 for a box of 20 in 38 Special +P JHP's! they also have 45's in JHP 25 round boxes for 19.99! I talked them into free shipping since they said any order over 149.00 was free shipping! This is same ammo the FBI ordered for their 40's! It's personnel protection nasty expensive stuff!

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