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Is a semi-auto really worth it


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Hey I own a benelli SuperNova and have been saving to get a semi-auto. I have been reading reviews about them and it seems like they have some problems with jamming and patterning high. I mostly skeet shoot and turky hunt some may get into some dove hunting. So I am wondering if I should get one or just stick with the Supernova. Any help would be greatly appreciated and any help on which semi-auto I should get would help alot to. Thanks

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I have been reading reviews about them and it seems like they have some problems with jamming and patterning high. I mostly skeet shoot and turky hunt some may get into some dove hunting.


I think the patterning high is a design not a problem, that way you can see the target the entire time without having to block it with the bead, and if you are going for a really far shot then you put the bead on it, if you are sighted dead on and shooting further you will need to put the bird below the bead and wont see it when you pull the trigger.


I shoot a lot of skeet with my M2 and me tell you it's night and day shooting it with an auto vs a pump. For those doubles, especially station 4, it makes a huge difference having your next shot ready to go as soon as you can pull the trigger so you can concentrate on your lead vs cycling your gun. I personally prefer autos above all other action types and have had very few Fail To Anythings (FTAs :p)

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I shot a 870 pump for 25 years before deciding to try the SBEII.

The only problem I had with the pump was being able to cycle it when contorted in certain ways with heavy clothing on while duck hunting.

Since duck is what I do the most of with a shotgun, the semi-automatic has been worth it.


Ultimately, whether it's worth it or not to you will come down to your own uses and style of shooting.


Surely you have a friend who has a semi-auto that you can try out?

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hey thanks guy for the help I think I'm going to get a semi-auto not sure what one yet. I like the look of the vinci alot and sounds like it should be good but I have not heard much from people that have shot one. Oh and Tucker301 I do got a buddy that has a beretta xtream so I will probably shot it sometime today. Hey in4ever how dose your SBEll shot skeet and you ever have any cycling problems?

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Junkel, as a couple have others have said, yes it's worth the trade with some qualificaions.


I have shot all actions and prefer the automatic. I will add that I am bit lazy and have been shooting since about age 6. It is not the faster follow up shots alltogether, but just the way a well functioning auto shoots that I like. Assuming the gun fits properly I would much prefer to shoot an auto or O/U to anthing else when there is a possibility of a follow up shot.


I like to be able to track the target smoothly & focus on target & trigger release with no other distractions. I have shot everthing from bolt action 10 gauges, Auto 5's of all calibers, pumps, side by side & stack barrells. That is just my preference.


I like the way the auto soaks up some of the shock and the only thing I miss from the O/U is the choke selection (well the lines too...).


With a few exceptions, all of my guns (shotgun or otherwise) are semi auto's and all have excellent triggers. Just my preference, but they are sure a pleasure to shoot when you buy a well designed gun.


If I can say anthing about shooting an auto vs a comparable pump is that I found myself more concentrated on the shot & less concerned about a follow up everything else equal.


That said, I would not generally reccomend an auto to a new shooter (which you are not).





If you get serious (and they are heavily addicting) into doves I can not say enough about a 20ga O/U, but again I am a jaded old fart.


For everything else, I would take a well balanced 20 gauge automatic. I just get more pleasure out of shooting them than a 12 in the same gun. You can go down to 3/4oz loads for clay birds pushed at 1300fps (or a bit better) to 3" mag loads for turkey & waterfowl.

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Here is IL we can only have 1 turkey tag per season. (max of 2 total per year.) So an auto wouldn't help any.


For Skeet, I have broke 23/25 with my nova, but not all the time. So I auto would be great for the game.


For dove, The limit is 15 per day. I shoot a box of shells or less every time I go out. Auto would be nice but I haven't passed up a whole lot of shots.


If you want one. Get it. You won't be sorry. If you don't, Your nova will treat you well.



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