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Armi Cleaning Set


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I just bought a new Benelli SBE II and on page 25 of the "Use-Maintenance manual" is a picture of what it calls a "Benelli Armi cleaning set".


The picture looks like a cased set with a cleaning rod, wire brushes, bore mop, oil etc. It looks like it would be a nice addition to my new shotgun -- but I can't find it anywhere on the Benelli website.


Is it available for sale from Benelli and how do I find it?




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When I bought mine Gander Mtn gave me a Benelli cleaning kit. The man said they wouldn't sell so they give them away. It's made by proshot w/ a Benelli case. Nice kit not so sure about the product. Another thing is the oil that comes w/ the benelli is a collectors item once it's gone it's gone no more coming into the states. That was straight from benelli CS. I inquired about purchase just in case I used mine up.I decided to leave it sealed as a momento.LOL

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I have a SSII, and just bought a super Vinci yesterday. Haven't shot it yet. was looking at the same thing about the armi cleaning kit, and thought I might check it out. came across this thread, made me wonder if I should open my new bottle... Incidentally, I'm about 1/2 way (or more) through the bottle I got with my Super Sport 2. Anyway, I think it's probably just a really light oil, similar to sewing machine oil. So I agree with TMAC and will probably just use it up.


I'll probably refill the bottle (since it fits in the case so nicely) with type F power steering fluid. and then CPL (clean lubricate protect) for storage... but CPL might be a bit heavy for shooting these newer guns. I learned to love CPL in the army, especially for storage.

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