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26 or 28 barrel for geese


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Longer barrel = longer sighting plane and a smoother more fluid swing.

If hunting from a blind, the longer barrel is appreciated by blindmates for getting the noise out there another couple of inches.

You're right tuck. For years I shot a 26 but started shooting a 28 a couple of years ago and I believe the longer sight plane makes a world of difference.

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I'm going to buy a new sbe II for geese, what barrel is best ? 26 or 28

There is hardly any difference, the only differences being what Tucker mentioned and they are small with only that much difference in barrel length. I would go for which ever one I could find a deal on, and if I found two identical deals with the only difference being one was a 26" and one was a 28" I would pick the 28".

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I went round and round about this and even did polls on other fourms and the 28" Black SbeII won out. It all depends on you which feels better and sights better. I thought both shoulderd well and sighted well for me so I went with the 28" seem like both beads lined up a little better.

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