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Break free- Is it or Not.


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Hey guys I usually buy my break Free lube/cleaner at walmart. sent my GF TO PICK SOME UP FOR ME SHE COMES BACK WITH 2 CANS OF wINCHESTER bREAK FREE PRODUCTS.i CHECK THE LABELS WITH MY OLD LUBE AND CLEANER AND BOTH HAVE THE SAME ADDRESSES.bOTH HAVE THE bREAK FREE LOGO ON THE CANS.both made in usa so is this the real stuff or some knock off that Winchester is marketing.

Sorry if this has already been address and I missed the post.


the more I shoot this gun the move I love it.

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You know, I was in the Wally World just the other night, and saw the Winchester can you describe . I'd Bet it is the same mixture as the original .

As long as the price isn't any worse , won't make any difference. Break Free is some great cleaner & lube . Or at least that's my findings.



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