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End cap coming unthreaded when firing?


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Has anyone noticed that after 80-100rnds of buck or slugs the end cap begins to loosen on their M4? I don't know if the detent on my M4 isn't picking up on the teeth of the endcap enough or if they're all like this. Any suggestions?




Normal on all of the M4's I have owned. Just keep an eye on it/check it. If it really ticks you off, maybe some teflon tape or purple. PURPLE!!!! NOT BLUE OR RED! loktite.

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Happens on all the Benellis I have ever owned. Most Brownings too. Just keep checking it. I'll get a new cap every now and then if the notches get too worn down.


Crazy thing, I am shooting a Browing Maxus a bit these days, and I keep trying to check the mag cap :eek:

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