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Design Concepts Ti M4S90 charging handle!


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Spoke with Kip today. He said that his charging handles are done, and are off to the finisher. He plans to release them in January. But we all know how that goes...


Just FYI.


As in, before the rails are done which still need another machining operation, or as in, will be off to the finisher along with the rails?

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Cant NYers just re-build their old mags? I know I re-built all my mags to E-mags I even re-built a old beat up mag into a beta 100 round drum. I am in Cali so NYers cant be off any worse than us.


A PMAG is not a pre-ban mag. No-Go. I belive it is the body of the magazine that is the important component.

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You can't have owned a PMAG pre-ban. Thats the point.

I understand they were not built then. But there is no law in california saying when I rebuild my 30 round pre-ban mags that I cant use a Pmag body, spring, follower or what ever. So what 99% of us californians that do know the law just rebuild our mag with Pmag parts.

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