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Lazy Man's Method of Removing a Benelli M4 OEM Magazine Tube.


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Not questioning any other person's method of executing this, but this was mine.


1. I completely field stripped the firearm, to include the magazine spring and follower.


2. I placed the receiver where the magazine tube was hanging over the edge, weighing down the butt stock end.


3. I pointed the heat gun directly at the portion of the receiver where the magazine tube screws in.


4. I monitored the temperature and increased the heat setting on the gun until it was at about 270 degrees on the inside of the receiver and about 230 degrees on the outside, while swilling beer, watching football, and smoking a couple of cigarettes. In all, it took about 1 beer, 2 cigarettes...or about 15 minutes.


5. I placed the strap wrench on the magazine tube about 6-8 inches away from the receiver. (The tube was still cool to the touch.)


6. I leaned my forearm on the receiver (with a pot-holder on top) and maintained pressure while I firmly unscrewed the magazine tube with the strap wrench.


7. I was lucky in that most of the lock-tight remained on the magazine tube; I cleaned the receiver threads with a brass cleaning brush.


8. I screwed in Kip's tube, placed in a Brownell's follower (Red Aluminum) and installed the spring that came with the Ti tube.


9. Confirmed that it would hold 7 x 2 3/4 inch dummy rounds.


See below pics:




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Since its raining cats and dogs today, I figured I'd finally install my full-length magazine which has been collecting dust on a shelf for a few months now. I forgot how easy these suckers were to work on. Took me about 3 minutes total from start to finish to do the swap. Looks GOOD. Better match to the barrel of the gun than the factory short magazine was. Loaded up 7 and cycled the entire thing twice. Sitting right now with 6 in the tube, one floating the receiver, ready to chamber, point, and shoot.

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Lazy? More like thoughtful and well planned out. :D


Nice work.


When I removed the mag from my M2 I used the same tool but I didn't have to heat the magazine to loosen whatever "loctiteish" stuff they use on it. Yes, I had to use a vise to hold it. :-)

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Is that laser only visible via NVGs? Are you on a SWAT team or something?


Thanks for the pics.


It is a red laser; daylight visibility. The IR version is only available for LEOs and military.


I am a civilian now; retired military. Although I can't let go of the Army stuff....a see no need for NODs or IR lasers.

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