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best setup for M4?!


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Nope. They don't check. Everyone tends to have one. The discounts aren't ground breaking. Some items don't have any discount at all.


I originally set mine to Government and I didn't get a discount. I was expecting GSA special pricing to pop up where everything costs an extra 40% over MSRP!


Flipping it to Law Enforcement fixed it.

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not yet, but i'll attend some special training lessons for zombie-camel-hunting, as soon as the zombies have arrived!


finding an abandoned house for door breaching can be quite difficult, if you live an a big city. i'd probably just go to the neighbors.

what do these breaching rounds look like anyway?

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well actually it was built in already, just as the telescoping stock. the price is 2200euros, i got it for 1750 euros. thats about 2500 USD.

no wait at all, it got it within 3 days, but that was due to the lame postal service.


€: just to make sure, it was 1750 for the whole gun, not only the mag tube. lol.

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