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best setup for M4?!


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hey guys.


i'm getting my brand new M4 delivered tomorrow.

it will be 18", full lenght mag tube, collapsible stock (i'm from europe :D)


sidearmor complete package is already ordered, as well as the trulock tactical choke.


only a few things left to do:


-what sling AND sling mount do you recommend?

-should i get an aftermarket follower and mag spring?


optics and light has yet to be decided, for now just those two questions.


kind regards

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the sidearmor adds 16 oz i think.

it is much more solid than the mesa tactical saddle, and gives you a great option to add a weaponlight.

and if you think 4 shells are not enough, don't worry, mister costa is already creating a second shell holder that mounts on the existing sidearmor setup, so you will have a total of 8 shots if you want.


i got the OEM full length tube, it's legal in europe.

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A padded VTAC from Vickers would be an excellent sling. Using the QD ones would be a problem currently until the Mesa Urbino stock is released.


The standard strap one would fit easily though.


If you got the CarrierComp magtube, you'll get a replacement magazine spring with it.


The follower isn't absolutely needed, but the upgrade is nice. It's more for 922 compliance which doesn't affect you.

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I use the 5.11 tactical VTAC 2 point padded sling. If you are going to wear a vest or any kind of plate carrier system then you could go with the non padded version and save your self $10.


I like the ability to adjust the length by pulling the free-running end. This allows you to transition from strong side to support side and back, so that you can easily switch to a side arm or other weapons.


Like others said the QD ones would be a problem until the mesa tactical urbino stock comes out, but you have the collapsible stock anyway.


What kind of light setup are you going with?

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i just searched the web, and, as posted in another thread, found that:




if you scroll down a bit, you see the Push-button Sling Swivel Mount especially made for the telescoping stock.

has anyone tried that? might be the only solution for now....


i'm not sure yet which light to use, probably a light/laser combo. i know, not everyone is a fan of lasers, but its tacticool ;)

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I followed Duggans advice to the T when I first got mine, and am glad that I did. A couple small mod's you can do yourself are:


Larger Charging Handle (I got GG&G Because the Titanium ones from Brownelles were out of business)


Enlarged Bolt Release Pad GG&G: (this is great)


Kips Titanium Magazine Tube : This also comes with a better spring.


I also put the Surefire M80 Quad Rail grip on, and a Brownelles Mag Follower.


Regarding Slings, I like the Urban Sentry 2 point sling, but thats my personal preference. You can watch this video on youtube to see the different configs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvCkFnfUCqI


enjoy your weapon!

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let me show you what i plan to do:


-first of all, the sidearmor rail system. already ordered, gonna take a while.

-mepro night sights. are there any better available? with white inserts around the tritium maybe?

-charging handle from Kip, as soon as he offers it.

-GG&G release button, if i feel the need.

-trulock tactical choke, already ordered.

-a laser/light combo, not sure which one, additional IR would be nice.

-sling with QD, i'm open for opinions.

-either aimpoint t-1, compM4s, or an eotech X***-0 or 553A65BLK.


i know its pretty tacticool, but thats intended :D

let me hear your thoughts!

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I would highly reccomend the Bolt Release from GG&G. It really does make a huge difference and you will never look back. Havent seen anyone on here that would disagree.


My aimpoint T-1 arrives today, I will post any complaints I have if there are any. The other guys would probably have better Guidance with Slings. I just dont like strapping them into the buttstock, which is why I went with the Urban Sentry.

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-mepro night sights. are there any better available? with white inserts around the tritium maybe?...


These guys used to have a listing. You had to send in your existing non-tritium sight and they would machine it for tritium and the white ring. I have not tried them but I am tempted.



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how do you get this [brownell's] discount? automatically when you create an account?


Yeah, I'm curious about the details behind that too. I'm not interested in taking out a Brownell's credit card or something just to get a $30 discount but if it's something easy, I'd probably be willing to do it. I order from Brownell's on a semi-regular basis. Color me curious.

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