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Selling my Benelli m1014 Ltd Edition

texas skeeter

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im selling my used Benelli m1014 ltd edition w/ flag on the receiver. serial #'s is in the mid 800's. i just bought another m1014 w/ a very low s# new in bx and has never been fired. so this one has to go. its been used obviously and is by no means a safe queen!! a few light scratches you wont even be able to see in the pics to follow. thats after i put most of the stock parts back on it. the only scratch you can truely see is on the front sight post guard. but does not affect the way it shoots. the gun will come w/ all oem parts and what you see on it in the pics. however the price will differ depending on what stock you want. gun w/ collapsible stock and oem 2 rd ext tube is 1600$. gun w/ pg standard oem stock and 2 rd ext tube is 1200$. also the DMW bolt handle comes w/ the gun. ive got a new titanium one for myself. any other questions just ask, and pics will be up in a day or so. ANY TAKERS???????:D lemme know......

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it might sell better if we knew what # it was out of 2500 instead of your finger or a piece of paper in the way,,your not hidding any real secret.

hey SMART-A$$, if you learned how to read,:D you'd see in the first post the s# is in the mid 800's!! some people dont want their actual serial #'s for the world to know!!!;) but i still love you M, even if you rode on the short bus!! ^_^

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