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GG&G Bolt Release for M4?


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Try to train yourself to reload before you need to use the bolt release to chamber a round. If you're not shooting, you should be topping off.


Saying that, I'm a fan of the device. Expensive, yes. The one Skeeter got is a little cheaper. Different button pattern, but functions the same. If you want the GG&G unit, get it from Brownells with the Discount.


Installation is fairly straight forward assuming you have the proper tools. A proper set of roll punches and slave pins makes this job very easy. You can improvise a slave pin by using a drill bit to hold the assembly together while you drive the roll pin into place.


Before disassembling the catch, note where the spring is between the catch and the receiver so you will know where to place the spring. Note where the current roll pin is seated so you'll know what to aim for.


Eye candy:


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Thanks guys. I thought it was good for the M4, but when I called GG&G last week to order one, the lady on the phone said it did NOT fit the M4!


She lies.


Or it's a different item you're inquiring about.


I suggest you waterboard her and demand an explanation.

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Install sucked horribly back when I did it.




Duggan, any other words of wisdom/advice other than what strangerdanger had to say?


Mine arrived today, install tomorrow, 4 day shotgun class starts Friday, so I have to get the install right!

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Thanks Hookster.


Those links give me all the info I need.


Wish me luck :)


Best of luck LV! I'm sure all will go well. Give us the report when you're done. I'll be putting one on mine sooner or later so I had saved those threads on my favorites list for future reference.


Take Care,


Hookster :)

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Install went fine. Function is outstanding.


I did a 4-day shotgun class this weekend, shooting hundreds of rounds, multiple malfunction drills, etc. The oversized Bolt Release worked flawlessly and I am glad I had it.


Notes on the install (written in plain English for stupid people like me who don't know that much about the M4):


1) As stated by others, look at the location of the spring before you start so that you know how to re-install.


2) Before starting, note that the Roll Pin does NOT reach fully from the bottom hole to the top hole. It sits approx flush with the bottom hole, then is secure on "top" by another hole that is difficult to see. The top most hole is to allow insertion/removal of your punch an the pin, it is NOT to secure the pin. This cost me an extra 15 minutes, but total install only took 45 min. If I had to do it again, it would take 15 min.


3) No fancy mechanics tools needed, other than the correct size punch. I got a small punch kit from Home Depot for $8. here is the link:




Thanks to everyone here who gave advice.

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