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Tactical Flashlight


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I was wondering if anyone here has a flashlight for your M4. If so which one are you useing. I am going to buy a Eotec sight for it today and was thinking about getting a flashlight. I would really like something from surefire but I don't see a light for the m4 on their website

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You need a rail first ...


The best cheap route for a quality flashlight is a surefire g2 nitrolon, the z32 antishock bezel, a 30mm scope mount, and the 120 lumen head.










a click on tailcap if you want it ...




and I'd use an ARMS type mount.




It's the best setup for ~100 depending on what you get ... You can get a 5 dollar mount, skip the click on tailcap, and have a full 120 lumen shock"proof" system for ~80, and a 65 lumen setup for ~60.


... considering you have a rail to mount it to, which you don't, unless you have the sidearmor.


But seeing how surefire does not make a foreend for the m4 yet, it's either duct tape, a sidearmor rail, or a crappy barrel clamp system.


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I emailed Surefire regarding a replacement forend style weaponlight for the M4, and they replied that they did not make one for the M4, and had no plans to. Kinda sucks, 'cause I NEED a light for this thing, and I do like their integrated forend weaponlights.



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If you are looking to keep the weight down go with the INSIGHT M3X LONG GUN w/ RAIL GRABBER weapon light. I have one on my BENELLI M4 and freakin love it. Here is a link for you. When purchasing the LONG GUN w RAIL GRABBER version a pressure pad is included. REMEMBER get the RAIL GRABBER mounting system NOT the SLIDE LOCK MOUNT.This light wont break the bank either. Good luck




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Originally posted by HK MAN:

exactly. I don't understand why they would not make a light for it. **** this thing is in use by spec ops in Iraq and just about everywhere else.

I'm guessing that the clamshell construction of the M4 fore-end, necessitated by the pistons, is a challenge to adapting a traditional shotgun-style integrated weaponlight unit to the M4.
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