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Massive penetration!


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Too bad, I am not a re-loader ... I would love to see first hand what the recoil on this monster would be like.


Probably wouldn't be too bad. I hunt with Remington's buckhammer slug (1-3/8oz 1500fps) and the recoil there is strong but it is completely manageable. This thing is a little bit stronger (1.6oz 1500fps) but I don't see that it would rip your shoulder off or anything.


Would be interesting to see how much they go for.

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"First, I fired the USS slug into the test block from a distance of 12 feet. As is evidenced by the photos below, the plastic sheeting was obliterated, the slug completely penetrated the 14" gel block, and continued on to defeat nearly 2" of plywood."




The recovered projectile was completely unscathed, save for a few scratches.



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