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where is everybody??????????


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If not chained to my desk at work. Cutting the grass, painting the house, bass fishing and punching holes in paper with my 45 ACP's.
cool...don't see the rest of the crew around,,must be doin the same ,stay safe man.
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I was out shooting my very first trap league tonight with my Benelli Supersport. Shot two rounds, 17 & 17. I've probably shot all of about 300-400 rounds at clay targets before. Soooo, Tom Knapp won't be quivering in fear because of me. . . . . yet! :rolleyes: (sigh!)


I hope people are able to get outside and put some supersonic (or even subsonic) lead downrange!

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Working tons so that I can move, spending my time partying / cooling down / prepping when I'm not working.
there you are,this forum aint right without duggan,,some others still missing thats okay,,they'll show up..
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