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Guest cleefurd

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Guest cleefurd
yes ,,quick reovery,,how did it happen????????????????????


Was on an enduro in South Dakota on a dirt road and augered into a birm, breaking both wrists, my 5th thoracic vertebrae in my back, and suffered a concussion.


My left wrist was minor, and my back is doing very well all things considered. The helmet was destroyed but saved the day.


Thanks to all who have wished me well during the recovery. Though I have no brothers, at times like these I sense I have thousands.

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Guest cleefurd
Dude. If I broke my wrist, I wouldn't tell anyone. I'd never live it down.


That being said, Godspeed!


Whuuu? Who broke their wrist? I had a head injury. Jeopardy at eleven. I count cards.


Thanks JG. Glad you still hang here sans the M4.

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... Hey, they left a sewing needle in your wrist (top right). I'll take 30 percent for the advisory fee. ...


Scenario 1

That little needle shaped thing is the "quick release"! It's part of the new Obamacare initiative. This way if you don't have the mandatory natiional health insurance they can restore the wrist quickly to its gnarly twisted state with a quick pull of the pin.


Scenario 2

Its a triggering pin like that on a grenade! If the Orthopedic surgeon pulls the pin and starts counting...rip off your arm and thow it as far away from you as possible.


Helpful hints; if your doctor wears a turban suspect scenario 2. If its Obamacare chances are the doctor was wearing a little propeller beanie.

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