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Warning on shipping to Canada!!!!


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It appears that the USPS and US Customs do not have the same rules for shipment of Optics to Canada.


If you use PayPal or Click-n-Ship to create a paid label, part of the process is checking off a box confirming that you are not shipping and prohibited or restricted items as defined here:




But not so fast. I had a scope being shipped to Canada seized by our stalwart Homeland Security guys (US Customs) because they claim I needed an export license for it.


After hours on the phone (all you get is "we're to busy to talk to you" recordings), I handed it off to my US Senator. Doubt I'll ever see the scope as it will probably be "sold" at some Customs Auction held at 2 AM on Christmas Eve.


The meaning of those bumper stickers "I love my country, but fear my government" is getting more clear!:mad:

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From the description, it would be for export of an item exceeding $100(USD) in value, for which you must have a license and/or pay the export tax.


If you shipped anything made in the US with a NSN, you are probably afoul of the "protected technology" rules.

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funny thing about is any optics sold to the public in the U.S. We Canucks can also buy here. Just can't buy from YOU it would seem.

Same goes for rifles. Couple of yrs ago I wanted to buy a beautifull .300 five panel Wby Lazermark, condition perfect, for a great price. Could not get the deal done because of the wall between our two countries. I can go down and buy a brand new one anytime I want. Problem is the wood on most modern rifles is not as beautifull as it was not so long ago and quality, fit and finish was held to a higher degree. Got a new Ultramark .257 instead.

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Tucker is, as usual, a good little boy who would have probably been wearing a Brown Shirt in 1937.


The regulations are put out by idiot bureaucrats whose only goal in life is justify their existance and expand their power.


The regs are stupid and BTW, Canada is NOT a signatory to the treaty that started this whole mess nor are riflecopes to be found as prohibited or restricted items in ANY USPS regs, going or coming!


If you want to march to the drumbeat of petty morons clogging up commerce with regulations that are worthless that is up to you.


I just won't sell any scopes overseas and my Scudule C taxable income will go down and the stupid government will never be able to see tha A caused B.


"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"


Tucker read Guns, Germs and Steel it might enlighten you to the fact that government is always a blockage to free men being free!


Newt-Condi 2012

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i'll admit that i was hoping to see one or both of them reply and tell you that you used "your" instead of "you're" and you misspelled stooping! - oh, i know, we should have a battle to the death where i call you dumb for the wrong spellings and you call me a jerk for being rude (or grammar police works). then to top it off, we'll throw in our political and/or religious points of view and slander each other for the next 37 posts!

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I thought I responded to TMAC yesterday, but my post appears to be gone now.

I'll try once more.


I originally actually tried to help nightforce by pointing out that not only was he referencing the wrong information in his rant against government regulations, but that if he'd actually done the proper research up front, that he would have been aware of the applicable laws regarding his shipment.


He responded in his usual maniacal manner and failed to see the benefit of my helpful posts, so I went back through and deleted them.


At any rate, as stated above, I am done with the fool. He can argue with himself all day long.

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