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The NEW 2010-2011 Waterfowl Pictures Thread

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It does not appear that the original thread will be restored.

So we will start another one.

Hopefully, with regard to spammers, one day the people who run this place will realize that the cure lies in prevention, not surgery.


Please post your pictures again.

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Hoppes No9 Lube. I know it was froze because it was the 1st shot of morning, pulled trigger, nothing, no "click", acted like the safety was on, chkd safety, it was off, racked next shell, it was "stiff", next 2 shots no malfunctions. Picked up shell, no primer strike, put into gun and it fired.


I leave mine a little "wet" during season.

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You can also get condensation from temperature changes that will cause enough moisture to create a freeze up.

I'd definitely recommend switching to a CLP and running her a little drier if you're going to be hunting in sub-freezing temps.


Hoppes also makes a dry lube.



Great pics, by the way!

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