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The NEW 2010-2011 Waterfowl Pictures Thread

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Nice Tucker! I had cans buzz the rice Sunday, but not in range. From now until the end of the season is usually when we see them, so I can only hope for one before then.


Today was a sprig show. Hundreds, maybe thousands, flying around. Could have filled a dump truck with sprig and shovelers. I hate myself for even shooting two shovelers....





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Nice birds, love those Cans only shot 2 ever.

Love Pintails too, you ever notice in the old Ducks at a Distance book it shows a mature Pintail as bigger than a Mallard? Interesting


Anyway it was snowing in the predawn as I set up but then gave way to partly cloudy all day, very few geese flying.

I did get one to come in though


I`d upload a pic of it except I MISSED IT

arrrrrgggggh how do you miss something that big?

Goose fever strikes hard I guess :eek:

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Another good day on the cans.

The fourth hunter was a no-show. He won't get invited again.




After we shot these three one came back and landed in the dekes. We sat and watched him for 20 minutes before he finally swam back out.

That's him in the middle by the drake decoy. He was a young bird.



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We've had those days, but we're in a warm-up phase right now.

The birds seem to be loving it.

Hundreds of them rafted up in the middle of these flats and tucked their heads under their wings. Slow current had them floating by.

They looked like a bunch of decoys that had lost their heads. ;)


I wish I had a nice camera rig. I could take some great shots.

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I'm just hoping it drops down into the 30's before season ends but I don't think it's going to happen because next week it's supposed to be in the mid 60's over here...


The birds are liking the rice up North too much to leave.

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Just happy to see some clouds block out that evil warm blob in the sky that`s been enticing the geese to bask in it`s glory all day the last two weeks.


Had some fog that stuck around yesterday throughout most of the morning, got a Honk and a Spec. Sailed the Honker, was a glorious chase, Max got to tackle it then wrestle it down and get a grip and bring it in head up. The Spec made it across the field going down and died in the air. Max watched it the whole way, took a mark and when I sent him he went right to it.




Set up in a different spot today since they`re not really using the fields lately thanks to the warm weather and had some decoying birds, much better goose crushing action when they work right in.



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We don`t usually get many Whitefronts so that was kind of cool. It landed 3 feet from the layout after I crushed it but the Honkers were landing out on the ice when I shot them feet down backpedaling just the way I like `em!

Max busted his way out to the one that was flopping....




but the other one was just laying there........

he went about halfway before giving up and coming back



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Yes sir! Very nice!

Love those full plumed Pins and wigeons are one of my favorites.


Thousands of snows, specs and swans heading north saturday.

Quite the sight to see :D


Someday when I get some money I`d like to buy into a blind down in the Valley just to have somewhere to go the last two weeks or when it`s storming too bad to get in to our mountain spots.

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