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The NEW 2010-2011 Waterfowl Pictures Thread

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Thanks to a combination of recent cold weather timed perfectly with our 2nd split the birds are out of the timber and swamps and back on the main lakes and rivers.


We hunted a feeder creek and set up on the edge of the ice. A trick I learned a few years back and it has paid dividends.

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Nice looking late season birds.

Its all over up here in Wisconsin, we never even made it out the last weekend because everthing we hunt was froze in. If you could manage to find open water or a little creek you could find birds. Still some local birds around, but just to look at now.


As for now we are still digging out of a 10" plus blizzard, super cold and windy, so not a whole lot of fun at the moment.


Good luck

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My buddy went out dirt bike riding by the river yesterday afternoon and he called me saying he was having multiple groups of 100+ Honkers along with some mallards fly right over the top of him that were landing into this small pond right off of the main river channel...


So guess where im going to be tomorrow afternoon:D

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Teal & Mallard sous vide with spicy @pple and pear chutney... with bacon on top!

Best recipe yet!






Season breasts with salt, pepper, season salt, garlic powder and oregano... or whatever flavors you like.

Vacuum pack 4-6 breasts between two slice of bacon.

Using a crock pot, bring water to a temp of about 140-150 degrees.

Cook sealed packs for about 4 hours, not letting the temperature exceed 140 at any time.



Peel and slice two @pples and two pears.

Dice one sweet onion.

Pour some olive oil into a large saucepan and add the onions with salt/pepper

Cook onions until clear and soft.

Add 1/2 cup of @pple cider vinegar and @pples and pears.

Cook until @pples and pears begin to soften and release water.

Add about two cups brown sugar, some cayenne pepper, cinnamon, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Let the mixture simmer stirring occasionally until the sauce is a syrup and the fruits are soft.


Remove the breasts and bacon from the vacuum bags, draining off the water.

Place the bacon strips in a hot skillet and cook until crispy.

Cook the breasts in the bacon grease two or three at a time, just searing each side until golden brown and firm. It only takes about 30 seconds per side.


Remove the breasts and allow to rest while you chop the bacon into bits.

Plate as they or slice the breasts on a bias and spoon the chutney on top. Top it off with the bacon bits and EAT!


****ing forum filter are pissing me off!

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