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The NEW 2010-2011 Waterfowl Pictures Thread

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This was a bird from the American Racing Pigeon Union and it belonged to a guy from Vacaville, CA (that was the info that I got from looking up the band number)


I guess they need to teach those birds to fly a little faster :D


I always wondered what someone would say if you contacted them and asked if it was a money band on their pigeon you just shot :D


Shot a nice snow-white pigeon one time that was banded like that. Didn't think to look it up though...

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I guess pigeon racing is a high dollar sport. I read that in order to enter a race it was something like a minium of $150 entry fee per bird and the birds have to be accompanied by their owner. I would imagine that there are some large bets on these races.


So yeah im sure that guy would of been pretty pissed off if I called him...:D

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