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Not a Benelli, but thought you might like my xmas present


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I had been wanting a high end .45 for some time now and when this came up for sale used it was perfect. Has about 1,000 rnds though her which is just enough to break it in. New she cost $2500ish and this one had the LB magwell added for another $250. So with tax it would have cost me near three grand new (and a wait).


Picked it up for $1800 and it has the presentation case, all the paperwork, signed papers and and extra set of 10-8 micarta black grips -- Nice knowing it's a hand build all USA weapon.


The pistol racks like it's riding on butter and just feels "right" in the hand. I've been out of town a lot and plan on shooting it this weekend.


When my rail gets here from Kip I'm ordering up my T1 for my M1014 :)



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Merry Christmas to you! - And a very good price. Truly one of the great .45's out there - one to hang on to and pass down in the family.




Yea, for sure.


I took it to the range yesterday for the first time.. holy crap, I've never shot so well! lol


This LB makes me look good.. the trigger is sweet.

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When my rail gets here from Kip I'm ordering up my T1 for my M1014 :)



Congrats on the pistol.


As far as the M4 optic, tried the T-1 and well as nearly everything else. Suggest you look at a 4 MOA RMR (battery model), or better yet, the 7 MOA dual illum. version. Even less obstruction than the slight T-1. I actually prefer the Burris FFII over the AP T-1 for those on a budget.

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