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Best Full Length Magazine Tube For The Benelli M4?

Raw Melody

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just got my carrier comp in today after ordering it in January. the carrier comp is significantly lighter and comes with a U.S. made spring and follower. but I'm guessing I'm just going to keep the oem one (which is brand new) just as a spare. nothing beats factory....but as for aftermarket tubes, carriercomp all the way!

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Also, does anyone know how much it would be have a gun smith put the full mag tube on my M4?


I heard it involves heating...and im not risking my 1.5k gun


Honestly man, I know it sounds daunting, but you'll be fine. Plus, I suspect the Smith will have to heat it too to break the Loctite. It's pretty straight forward. Just make sure you have the right tools. A vice to hold the receiver is critical. And a pair of friction type gloves to get a good grip and/or a strap wrench may be useful.

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Here we are again... this topic comes up again and again. This is what I posted about a year ago...


"Well now that this topic has been resurrected, I have to chime in... over the years there has been much discussion here of the pro and con of various after market FL tubes. Do a search... issues of relative weight, finish, color, galling, cost, delivery time and even "veteran status". The consumer has many choices and several good products.

Just a reminder... I'm still making FL tubes, 100% satisfied customers after 7 years and always immediate delivery. Info at [email protected]"

About the only negative things that I have heard about the Ti tube is the long /uncertain delivery time and the possibility of galling with the aluminum follower.

If you want the best chrome molly steel tube, I'm still here and have a couple of tubes ready to ship. As always... themalt @hotmail.com for more info.


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