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Just Finished My Camo M4


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Had some parts Duracoated to match the camo on my M4. Have the US Parts count now so good to go with the full length magazine tube.


I think the Surefire handguard came out pretty good.


Had Carrier Comp rail done also.


If it stops raining will get to the range.





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Here is a forearm pic




Firm called Para Bellum Inc. in Louisville did the Duracoating.


I had Dura Coat match the M4 camo and sent him the coating material.


He deserves the credit.

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I got this one last year for under $1500 and when the rebate was on, so it was a good deal.


I have rails on some of my AR's, this feels as those do, just a little wider, bulkier than the factory handguard.


But it lets me be legal:)

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From the Duracoat website:

"DuraCoat can be applied over just about any surface including, metal, plastic, or wood as long as the surface is properly prepared. We have had great success using it on forearm rail covers such as the textured Magpul covers"


Also, I have used this on several AR's metal and plastic parts with great results. But these were not camo, that is above my skill level.

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