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Another day with zero problems or failures.


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Since we get so many posts here with people having trouble with hanging, misfires, stovepipes, etc., I thought I'd just post about how my day went.


Up at 4 AM.

Quick check of the weather and RADAR foretold this was going to be a nasty one.


Launched the boat in gale force winds with rain hitting our faces like BB's.

Thankfully, the trip to the blind was a short one.

Quickly set out the decoys and the Mojo, and settled into the blind a full hour before legal light.


The rain poured and my SBEII was offered no refuge by me, even though the blind's half top kept my body shielded perfectly.


She was soaked to the bone when the first woody buzzed the decoys.

Boom. Woody was down and out.


The winds soon picked up and were easily doing 40 MPH when a group of four ringnecks came calling.

Dumped two without a hitch.

The gun was waterlogged.


This trend continued and repeated like clockwork throughout the morning.

No hangs, no misfires, no lightly dented primers, no jams.

My SBEII cycled Winchester Xperts and Fasteel flawlessly.


Got home just before dusk with a single greenhead, a drake woody, and ringnecks filling out the limit.


Cold, wet, tired, and beaten from the driven rain and wind, it would have been easy to wipe the gun down and put her away until tomorrow.


Uh uh. Nope.


Completely disassembled, dried, cleaned, and lightly lubed the eagle.

Even took the cheekpiece out to get water and mud out.

This was after ducks were cleaned, but before I showered, had dinner, or even popped a top on a cold one.


Sure, it took some extra time, and it would have probably been fine to leave as was until after this Saturday's outing; but that's not the way I treat a weapon which has never let me down.


It's a symbiotic relationship.

I take care of my gear, and my gear takes care of me.


My SBEII looked like crap when I got home.

She was wet and muddy.

Now, she's as clean and dry and pretty as she was the day I bought her in Oct. '04.


Just another uneventful day afield with my VERY reliable SBEII :cool:


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Bless you Tuck! Unlike many that believe that buying an $1100.00 shotgun means that you shouldn't have to clean or oil it, you take the time to protect your investment. But then again, your kind of thinking hurts job security for people such as myself...lol. I take care of mine and in 5 years of hunting in rain and over salt water, it doesn't have a hint of rust and it has NEVER let me down. Thanks to all who treat their guns with respect and oil. Thanks also to those that don't....you can pay me later smile.gif


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tucker it sounds like you hunt in the same kind of weather i do. my sbeII has seen it all rain, snow, hot, cold, really cold.i love the way that she performs, however i also take good care of her. i use her hard during the hunt but i keep her clean and lubed up.( no i'm not talking about my wife.). even though i usually do it a day or two after the hunt.

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made this post a while back, still works.



posted 04-14-2005 08:03 PM


Just an information input for the M2 Field. My new M2 is thru it's break in period and I wondered about reliability. The gun was put thru eight full rounds of clays without any cleaning what so ever. I know some of you will throw rocks at me for this but it was to prove or disprove a point. In 800+ rounds there was only one stovepipe and it was my fault, limp shoulder bad mount. Reliability isn't a question anymore.

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Can't let you have all that much fun alone Tucker.


I bought my M2 in August 2004. Since that time I have averaged a little over 3 flats a month at the gun club where I shoot 5-Stand mostly and some 16 yard trap. I also go to alt least 8 or 10 sporting clays shoots a year with it. So there are another 6 to 8 flats a year.


Right out of the box it has cycled 2.75 dram 1.125 ounce loads flawlesly. I now just shoot 1 ounce loads for targets.


To date, I am not the serious hunter that you and others are but between this last season and last year I have gotten 14 pheasants, 2 Lesser Canadians, 1 Greater Canadan, 2 Pintails and a Mallard Drake.


I have hunted and shot in rain so heavy I have had black mudd running out of my action after shooting when the bolt stayed open after the last round.


But the only failure that I have had is that the dagg nabbed thing doesn't break every clay pigieon or bird I shoot at.


Guess I better send it back in for repair huh?


Every time I have set up on a target or bird and pull the triggger it has gone BANG.


All I ever do when I get it home is lovingly take it down and clean er up real good and get er ready for the next time.


I just had to throw my 2 cents worth into the hat.


Mike :D

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Hello Everybody,


I have a 20 year old H+K imported S90 M1 defense configuration that I have demonstrated countless times with mixed loads of 3 inch all the way down to 2+1/2 english loads. Slugs to 7/8 ounce of #8. Letting fellars rip off 8 rounds of whatever they had at the range (mostly fired from the hip or tucked into their sides) always brings a smile. I'm still waiting for my black beauty to jam. I wonder how many folks ordered Benelli's after shooting mine. Also have a 4 year old, short stock 20 gauge Monte, that on occasion, has missed a Quail or two and some Grouse (okay, missed lot's of Grouse), but never because the Monte failed to fire. It's those darn bifocals the eye doctor has me wearing. Yes, I have some nice 20 gauge Remingtons, both 1100 and 11-87 models and a nice 20 gauge Browning Citori Upland Special. They don't seem to get out of the gun safe much anymore during the bird season. Not sure about the problems I read on this forum about the SBEII's, but I'm extremely happy with my Benelli's !!



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