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Man....WHY did I do that....


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Agreed. I'd much rather have a 11707 than a M1014. The 11707 has a three position recoil tube where the M1014 has the crappy recoil tube that won't allow the stock to collapse. It's a real ******* to replace too.


The 11707 has interchangeable chokes where the M1014 does not.


The 11707 has a refined barrel profile and an oversized seating lug at the front of the receiver.


The finish has been refined on the 11707 vs. the older models. Additional corrosion resistance surface coatings have been performed on things like the ARGO plugs.


The 11707 is cheaper than the limited edition M1014 models.


If you're buying a shooter, get the the 11707. The M1014's are best left for collectors.

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I needed the funds then, but am kicking myself


" For those of us who can afford the "FINER" more valuable weapons!!" And you can

afford this now? You must of hit the lotto and are flush again! ;o)


I went through the same issue and I can afford the finer things of life if I save my pennies. But to buy the engraved flag and other issues that are mentioned, just was not where I wanted to go. I already have had to change enough on my gun to get it to where I wanted and as soon as I complete the Cerakote job on it, I'll officially be done with this one. I have it in the shop broke down and will soon decide on my color scheme.


I went ahead and spell checked your quote so you are all good now. lol... Just razing ya skeeter... Buy what makes you feel warm and fuzzy man. Welcome to whats left of America, we can still choose for ourselves for now.

Just keep the darn thing this time.... Happy hunting....

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