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CarrierComp Ti Hybrid Gen2 Charging Handle


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Dose any one have info on the CarrierComp Ti Hybrid Gen2 charging handle in the color that will be closest to the Benelli M4's factory color ? I have been wanting one for about a year . I have heard stories about them being available some day but thats it . I have emailed Kip about 6 times in the last year wondering if he knew when he might have them but NONE of the emails have been answered . I know other people make there version but only want Kip's because every thing else I got from him was awesome .



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Mine arrived in the mail today. What info (besides pics) are you looking for?


I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that the optional coating was not intended to "match" the factory color of the receiver, but to simply be subdued compared to the shiny Titanium of the non-coated part.


As you can see in my photos, carriercomp's knob is not as dark as the factory part (which matches the factory color of the receiver and bolt carrier).


Does this matter to me.......nope, not at all. The checkering of the carriercomp part gives more reliable purchase than the simple grooves of the standard part. The cylindrical shape of the carriercomp part also makes it feel more natural and, dare I say, comfortable to use.









All in all, I'm very satisfied with the design and execution of the carriercomp knob.



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I was reading along while ago about this part going to be available someday in the same color as the M4 . If and when that should ever happen I would love to be one of the first on the list to purchase one . I would even pay for it now if that would help . Until then I will continue dialing in my LWRCi SPR .


Thanks for the reply's .

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I believe all of them have been Gen II. They came equipped with a steel shank that prevents the bolt carrier from wearing out the softer titanium detent retention groove.


If I didn't have a Design Concept's Titanium bolt handle, I'd have one of carriercomps. I believe the carriercomps handle to be superior to the Design Concepts, it just isn't worth a $60 upgrade price to me.

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