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Approx worth of 922r compliant M4 w/ C-Stock and Full Tube?


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Just wondering if I took the time to get all the parts together and dress my other M4 11707 with all the parts to make it 922r compliant and install Collapsible stock & 7 round Full Mag Tube, what I could potentially sell it for?


Obviously its going to depend on where its listed and whose looking at the time, but just on a guess, what do you think it could bring?




BTW, condition of the Benelli would be Mint, or I have one that has never been fired.

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It would be worth the sum of the parts plus the gun. Parts are so readily available at this point, you would only make a few dollars off someone too lazy to do the work themselves.


Then again, its worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and there's a sucker born every minute.

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People pay a butt load of cash for a 11721 which is simply a rebranded 11707 and the collapsible stock and a limited tube. The 11707 sticker is literally still on the cardboard box, just a 11721 is thrown on it as well.


Basically, if you are paying retail for all the parts -- Plus shipping -- Your profit margin is going to be very weak. Your financial risk will be high too. Even when HK was selling the collapsible stocks for 265 shipped, no one knew if that price would hold, fall or return to the stratosphere. So it would be a gamble on buying say ten units.


Then, wait your two or three months for your Titanium magazine tubes to arrive. Hammers have been sourced rather quickly. Overall, you have a lot of capital out there.


Now, if a place like carriercomp got into this game. They could source their own parts much cheaper than retail obviously. I'm sure Kip could find some additional refinements to work the stock M4 over with. The idea would be offering a top tier production weapon for the discerning individual who refuses to do any leg work whatsoever to build it themselves. Drop their bolt handle and top rail in on all units. Carriercomp could easily become an FFL and probably a Benelli dealer to get dealer pricing.

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Guest cleefurd

To answer the OP's ?... providing the seller has amassed parts at or near wholesale;

I'd say $1900-$1975 would attract a reasonable # from the end user ranks.

Any rise above 2K not justified by heightenned demand (legislation, import bans etc) would not last long.



Regarding the cost factor of the C-Stock facet;

  • If the $275 price can be confirmed, I'd say $300-$325 of your asking price could represent the C-Stock upgrade.
  • If the $320 Freedom Sale" price becomes the norm... $350 option
  • If $400 represents the current median between heigth of demand, and historic lows... consider it a $425 option upgrade.

In the latter case, a "LNIB" specimen for $390 seems far from unfair, if ALL you need is the stock.

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