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duck hunting

brice hensley

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Any one watch the new show called flyway highway?


I watched and i love how it starts.

The alarm clock goes off and he tells his wife that he going hunting. she freaks and tells him to choose. next scene is him & dog leaving together picking up his friend who had to choose also.


very cool and you all need to watch.

brice aka skiebuster

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I think the hosts are a couple of retards. The show is based on a good concept, but they ruin it for me. The hunting action sucks. It seems like they are always just skybusting flocks as they pass by. And they show the same shots from different angles to make you think they killed more birds. Also, all of the constant advertising for their sponsors is annoying.


Just one guy's opinion.

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I even think the hunting is kinda slow, but honestly, when is the last time you actually went out and shot as many ducks as the big name guys hunting the most sought after hunting spots is canada and here @ home.

also i thought it was tacky with the same bird @ diff angles.

i bet as the season warms up for them it will get better.



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