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Benelli M4 -- Shell Stop


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Hi all,

I'm curious where all of your shell stop springs are installed. Before you go, "Huh?" It is part #74.



I have access to three M4's, and I just noticed that the spring has been installed in two separate locations. On each unit, I simply replaced the spring to the location that I received the weapon from the factory when installing GG&G releases.


The GG&G shell stop is simply an OEM unit that is tapped for the use of their oversized release. So no physical changes are noted. On all three samples, the units appear the same, so I do not believe there has been an inline production change from Benelli.


On my oldest M4, an 11703 which is from '04 which has been fully rebuilt by Benelli in '09, the spring has been all the way to the rear of the shell release lever in the little pocket at the end. Wear on the receiver corresponded to the springs location, so I can tell that it hasn't shifted since I initially received the weapon. After 13,000 rounds, the spring has burnished itself into the anodizing.


I noticed on my two newer 11707 from around '09 and '10 production, the springs are located in the center of the shell stop just behind the retention pin.


My 11703 has always been a real PITA to eject shells from manually be depressing the shell stop from the inside of the receiver. Particularly the very last round in the magazine tube. So tonight, I decided to disassemble the shell stop, and move the spring to the central position of the shell stop to see if the level would operate better. The rounds are significantly easier to remove now manually. I'm going to live fire it again later today to make sure everything is functioning properly.


There is really no seat position for this spring, so there is a lot of variables where it can be placed. If you're not careful when cleaning, you could easily knock the spring out of alignment and be forced to disassemble the unit to fix it (not fun even with the correct tools.)

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My camera isn't very good (actually it is the nut behind the keyboard), here is the location of mine. Have never had issues with manually ejecting shells. When I installed the GG&G per your warning, I made a mental note of the location of the spring and installed in same place. Don't want to take it apart again, but I thought there was a seat position on the bar, not sure but just believe there was.


Forgot to add: mine is a 2011 model





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These photos might help.

Having your own Anatomy Series Benelli M4 Super90 Manual would answer all these questions !




Where does one pick up said manual?



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