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I made a huge dunk tank out of a 5 gallon paint bucket with 3 gallons of mineral spirits, odorless stuff. I'm working on making an inline filter I can run the solvent through to collect much of the debris. Even without, the debris just settles to the bottom. It's awesome for large parts. I have a little wire basket to throw small parts in that hangs on the lip of the bucket.


It's pretty safe stuff on plastics. Even the cheesy plastics on my Dillon 650 press are immune to the effects. Where as solvents like Breakfree will tear up the plastic real fast.


It strips all the oils from the weapon, so expect to relubricate the item fully afterwards. Breaking parts down completely helps a lot. I didn't locktite the magazine extension of my M4 in place so I could dunk the entire receiver in the bucket.


It's had no effect on the white rings around night sights either.


You should wear gloves. It won't effect your hands too much, but if you get it on your forearms, it'll give you a chemical burn with long term exposure. It's kind of like a sunburn.


Naturally running something this big with Mpro7 would be far better, but that stuff is very expensive.


Some day I'll get me an ultrasonic cleaner.

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