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M4 Collapsible stock


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They will only go up when they pop up on the market.

A few years back Botach ($225) and some other online places sold them to anyone.

Benelli has since cracked down.

Unless you are L.E. you will NOT be able to purchase these new ever again.


I suppose if you have an H2O Benelli would sell you a replacement . . . the H2O stock does differ in that the hardware on it is coated so it would be apparent if you put an H2O stock on a regular M4.

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I have a new one for $500 if someone wants it.


Sounds like a lot today, but we'll remember that as cheap if they continue to climb in price again.


If I liked them (C-Stocks) I'd probably pay that since Benelli has closed the door again.

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What's a brand new C-stock worth these days? I paid a lot for two of them when I initially bought my two M4s, then found 2 here for a less. So, I have two spares still sitting in the original boxes.

I would say 400-500 with the high outliers at ~750. I got one to try it out because of the LOP of the original pistol grip stock, but so far using the mid position raises my cheek weld. If I can't get used to it I will try the Urbino stock next. Does anyone know why Benelli cracked down on the c-stocks?

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