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Benelli M4 on fire.


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Looks like he was shooting a wide variety of shells that day...I'm processing a version of his video featuring slow motion so we can all enjoy the goodness, gracious balls of fire effect!


Will post in a bit once it's through processing.

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Congratulations to this forum VofchikRUS.


On both of my M4 guns the left side of the receiver is stamped "12GA-M4SUPER 90-BENELLI-italy" and right side"BENELLI ARMI-URBINO-MADE IN ITALY"


Do you have the same stamping on yours, and has your collapsible stock 2 or 3 point adjustable settings?

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I bought a Benelli M4 S90 in June 2012, all new shotguns imported into Russia imeb 3 position lock stock. Inscriptions "12GA-M4SUPER 90-BENELLI-italy" and "BENELLI ARMI-URBINO-MADE IN ITALY" of course there is.


Sorry for my bad english :(

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Hi all !

1. The best cartridges in Russia worth $ 5, and the worst and cheapest half bucks. But I just shoot good ammo! The fire was only due to overheating of the barrel!

2. The first two words in this video

(начнем - start ... помолясь - I prayed...)

3. Tell a Benelli M4 you can charge nine rounds as on my video. And then I see from all of your stores for a short shotgun cartridge?

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