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Daves Metal Works Oversized Safety & Speedbar


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Just installed both of these of my M4.


Safety installation was a breeze, thanks to Tucker301's extremely simple diagram and instructions I found with the great 'ol search feature so many don't know how to use. Thank god I have a good punch set and that I had just the sizes I needed.


Speedbar took all of 20 seconds to install and I actually REALLY like it. I can press damn near anywhere on that thing and get the bolt to close. For such a simple idea and piece of metal, it has me thoroughly impressed.

I'd really like to get a GG&G bolt pad on there and review it as well, but I don't see spending $120 on it when i'm already in love with this speedbar.


I'll be going out to the range this weekend, I know a report is warranted and it will be given.



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I really like the oversized safety. It lets you disengage the safety with the second knuckle of your trigger finger without having to break your firing grip. I modified the safety spring but trimming two coils off to make the safety a little more reactive.


I did the exact same thing ! Yes it makes it a lot more reactive. I'm glad i'm not the only one who's not afraid to tinker.

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Hey Jackalope! I'm looking forward to the range test review! We've really never discussed this particular mod around here too much. I have a GG&G pad but haven't got around to installing it yet..If you have a chance at some point, I'd like to see a pic from the side showing the edge where it would show the fit to the flat side of the receiver. Does it seem like it's going to wear the receiver's finish in the area it covers?





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Does it seem like it's going to wear the receiver's finish in the area it covers?

Not to step on Jackalop's thread, but yes... over time and use, it does leave a little grooving. However, unless your gun is a safe queen... it's kind of a non-issue. The best part is, you hit it almost anywhere but the very front, and it works. If I had better grip strength, I might even be able to get it to work from there as well.



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