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Where can I buy a modified lifter/carrier for M2?


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I tried loading my M2 Field for the first time yesterday and OUCH. Now I know what is meant by Benelli thumb. My thumb tip fit perfectly in that crescent cut in the carrier and luckily I only scratched the thumbnail slightly.


Where can I buy a modified carrier/lifter? I am surprised that the aftermarket isn't as plentiful as I'd think it would be for these kind of parts.

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Guest Eogetorenk

dont have much idea regarding these things but you can have a look at amazon.com as well as you can look up at ebay.com i am pretty sure that they will surely provide you these parts you want as they have wide variety of ranges available with them

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I almost got my thumbnail torn off with the stock carrier. I understand that if I loaded slowly and carefully, it wouldn't be a problem. But just in practicing faster loads, I almost got it torn off. It took me 5 minutes to install the new C-Rums carrier, which was surprisingly easy to install. The only 2 springs that should be removed aside are the hammer and carrier springs, which are easy to disassemble.


I noticed that with my C-Rums lifter, the front was already bent downwards and is short enough to clear the follower. I am still leery about loading fast because of my painful experience with the stock lifter - but it seems to work very well. It loaded all of my metal A-Zoom snap caps manually, and I still have to test everything out at the range.

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