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new m4


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I just got a new m4 and took it out today

wow, it sure looks nice, but I'm having trouble with my shells.

After 4 rounds, or so, the m4 gets stuck.

Either it doesn't eject or doesn't cycle to the next round.

I was wondering what you guys know what is going on.

The ones that got stuck were the Winchester universal #8.

These shells work just fine in my other shot gun, but not this one.

Which brands do you guys use in your m4's

Thanks guys


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I did disassemble it and put it together but I didn't lube it.

As for getting stuck, there were three situations that I can remember.

1) The first one was when the spent shell would be half out of the ejection area.

The bolt was closed on the used shell.

I think I heard this called stove pipe with brass shells.

2) Another time the spent shell stayed in the chamber - in the barrel and didn't get ejected.

3) The last one was weird, the shot gun ejected the spent shell, but couldn't load the next shell.

Like there wasn't enough energy to push it into the chamber.

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That ammo is some of the weakest stuff you can shoot. Your m4 needs to be broken in wih a few hundred rounds of high brass loads. The #4 high brass bird shot is cheap and will do well. I would try a few boxes of buckshot and slugs too.


Your M4 needs to be lubricated. It likes to run wet.


Make sure you're shouldering the shotgun firmly. A weak stance robs inertia from the action. In a few hundred rounds, the recoil spring should take a set and all the huh spots should be smoothed out. Then it will fire the weak stuff reliably if you do your part.

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I shot my M4 for the first time this weekend as well. I disassembled, cleaned and re-lubricated everything before putting it back together. I put 25 rounds of 3" high brass bird shot though it and had not issues whatsoever. I'd say lube it in good shape and shoot some hotter loads though it.

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New M4 here also


Stripped, cleaned, and lubed mine using Eezox wiped on every surface. Loaded some inexpensive ($6.94 per box) Federal target loads loads. First round ejected and fed fine, but the cartridge drop did not allow next round to follow. Reset and reloaded and ran 4 in a row no problem. Nothing to shoot and I hate blowing off ammo to just waste it so now I wait for the red squirrels to get active again.

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