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Benelli M4 is addicting


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After wanting a new shotgun for a long time, I finally picked up a new M4 Benelli a couple of days ago. I brought it home and completely disassembled it, cleaned it, and gave it two coats of Frog Lube. Finally today I got to shoot it for the first time. What an awesome shot gun! I started off using just some Winchester Super X high brass shells, and then eventually worked my way to using some less expensive Federal low brass shells from Walmart's stock. The Benelli handled it all without a hiccup. I see now why this shot gun has such a following. The only problem is that now I'm getting this uncontrollable urge to start with the modifications. As much as I hate the idea of using a heat gun on an expensive shot gun, I've already ordered the extended magazine tube from Carrier Comp. Now I begin the long wait for that to come in. And that naturally means that there will also have to be some other additions to keep Uncle Sam with his ridiculous 922r law satisfied. I'm also contemplating a new stock, whether it be a collapsible stock, or something else. The M4 is such a fantastic shot gun right out of the box, but boy, it sure is hard not tweaking it here and there to make it even better. Like I said, it sure is addicting.

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You shot snow :confused:... Just kidding.


Yep, hard not to want to add to it. There are several threads here depicting folks add ons. Here in NJ, going past to total mod, we cannot go to far. Stupid laws. But a Mesa Side Shot Shell Holder Rail Combo, FF Titanium Charging handle, if you can afford it, one of their Titanium tubes, etc... It's one mean maama jaama...


I hear you man .... my son and I put 85 rounds through mine this morning in the snow :)
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