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Brand new Benelli OEM M4/M1014 14" tactical barrel with ghost ring sights for sale...

texas skeeter

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As the title says..... i have a brand new Benelli OEM M4/M1014 12 ga. 14" tactical barrel with ghost ring sights for sale. 600$ shipped to your door. I bought 2 a few yrs ago and only needed one. This one is brand new having never been installed on anything. I'll post pics once Momma brings the digital camera home from church tonight.:D P.M. me if interested. It'll also be posted on G.B. soon. TS

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Here are the facts:


1) I posted at 5:48pm (May show different time zone on your screen), saying 'I'll take it'.


2) In that same minute I PM'd Texas Skeeter providing my contact information and asking to complete the transaction.


3) The next post to the thread was almost 4 hours later.


4) I called Texas Skeeter at the number he provided the next morning (Sunday A.M.) and spoke with him, he informed me he was indisposed of and would call me back


5) I called Texas Skeeter again at the same number Monday morning (~9am) and spoke with him, he again informed me he would have to call me back at a more convenient time.


6) I received a PM from Texas Skeeter today, marked 3:46pm on my display here, informing me the barrel was sold to someone else. Prior to this message Texas Skeeter gave me no indication there was any issue with the deal, neither via PM or on any of the phone calls we had. This message claimed another PM came in one minute before mine.



On some boards that type of dealing is fround upon. I don't know if it violates BenelliUSA's rules or not, not terribly important.


Keep this in mind when dealing with people here.


Thank You

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To be honest and i just knew it was going to get ugly. bm4sbs you were beat by 1 minute thru a p.m. telling me the other person wanted to buy this barrel. He did not post in the thread to keep him as an anonymous buyer. But in fact the thread metioned contacting me by p.m. I tried to be fair on how i was going to sell it. And in fact the 1st person whom contacted me got to purchase it. Please feel free at this point to have a benelli moderator pull my pm's and check the time stamps as i have nothing to hide. And in the future maybe you should grow up a little when purchasing stuff online. I politely explained how it went down to you via pm and you still whined about it here.......

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He did say in his original post to PM him if interested ... if your PM got beat out by another, well then you loose. I see no issue here. Frankly sales should be handled via PM rather than public forum discussion other than the first "For Sale" post.... IMHO


Sure, and I did PM him the same minute I posted. T.S. did not indicate to me there was another deal cooking or he had a pre-emptive PM until today at 3:46 PM.


I had several phone calls with him, not one time was it mentioned.




Make what you will of it.

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