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Wanted to introduce myself since I'm new here. My name is David and I been around shooting for most of my life, but am by no means anything resembling an "expert".

Owned a HK S90 way back when they were first being sold and used it fairly successfully in IPSC. May have even had one of the very first in the country, since my dealer had to wait on getting it for almost a month. Broke it in per HK's verbal instructions; 200+ rounds of 00. It really did make it run smooth, but I have to admit I was a bit tired after the days work. Let a few others try it out and did they ever complain about how "hard" it shot compared to their Remington 1100's! Personally I never felt it was all that bad, even after shooting slugs.

A buddy and I had some fun with clay pigeons one day at the range and I was really surprised how well I was able to bust them. Beginners luck most likely.

Anyway in the interests of not making this first post too long, like I said, just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. Been thinking about getting a shotgun again, and of course I naturally am inclined towards a Benelli after my previous experiences. Look forward to contributing to the conversation.

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You're not a number, you're a free man!




(My old man used to make me sit through the original Prisoner series when I was a kid - that stuff still gives me the willies.)


You'll be shopping a Benelli before too long if you spend any time on this forum. Welcome!

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Thanks for the welcomes. I had lurked on this forum for a bit before joining. Saw the free exchange of knowledge and figured this was a good place to get info on a M4 before I bought one. I've definitely learned a lot and feel secure in buying one now.

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