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Carrier comp titanium tube w/ spring


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I just received one of these that I ordered in January. It is not what I expected so I would like to offer if for sale at what I paid for it which is $ 196.75 and you pay the freight. First Come First Served. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 847-352-0662 - Regards-Barney --This is what appeared on my invoice -----BM4-TiFLMT+S-"DG" | "DG" PARKERIZED tone Ti FL Mag Tube + Prem | |

> | Spring + US Follower


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There was nothing wrong with it. workmanship is flawless. I did not realize that a heat gun was required to dis-assemble the original and replace it with the carrier comp product and I did not want to deal with that.

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I had someone heat up the gun for me at a shop and I put the gun back my self. had I knowned it was easy I would have done it my self. a 2 year old can do it just heat the ( Magtube ) till it starts to turn and smoke than use oven mit with like large wrench go easy on it half inch turns at a time. just make sure when you put it back together to use the bracket that goes in between the tube and the chamber use blue 242 loctite on the threads I wait waited 3 days before I did anything with mine. carriercomp or nothing...............

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