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Re-release of the Benelli M4 H20


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Hey everyone,

Everyone see that Benelli has re-released the Benelli H20 with a few changes? It seems Benelli's scheme to make the M4 exempt from 922® compliance by refinishing the weapon with NP3 no longer holds water. The re-release has the fixed pistol grip stock and the bastardized 5 shell magazine tube and faux extension.


I found an auction with pretty good photographs to look at what Benelli decided to do with the weapon. For the most part, I believe Benelli decided to take a lot of short cuts with the production of this weapon. Deciding what finish to use on the M4 is sort of a give and take situation. Their choice to use NP3 is a good one, but it has several distinct issues that may bother some users. The base material of NP3 finish offers a smooth Teflon surface that fouling and debris doesn't stick well too. It also provides excellent corrosion resistance. One big negative is your color options. You're stuck with the shiny bling surface if you like it or not.


I noticed that Benelli opted not to coat the barrel assembly completely in NP3. The extension that is inserted into the receiver was not coated. Some would argue that it is because Benelli nickel plates this part anyway. I would guess that it was not done because Benelli did not want to remove the ejector from the barrel assembly. So a dip process was used where just the barrel ring forward portion of the barrel was treated. This is unfortunate since the barrel lugs would have benefited from the NP3 treatment.




The trigger group was not coated at all on the current production units. Only certain pieces of the trigger assembly were coated such as the shell release lever and the trigger itself.


Personally, if I was buying, I would get a 11707 and disassemble the weapon and have the coating done myself. I'd select Nickel Boron so the exterior could be painted whatever color I wished.

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I'd select Nickel Boron so the exterior could be painted whatever color I wished.


I'd go with 24k gold platingrofl.gif


I wish they would manufacture some Benelli parts at the Beretta USA Factory in Accokeek, Maryland or something.


Is the Marines' 1014 "made in America" to satisfy the JSCS qualification? If so, just steal some parts from there and Voilà 922r solved.

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Isn't that what the H20 is, for the most part, now? :D


Don't get me wrong, I was entertained by Benelli skirting 922 and brining a non-neutered shotty to us, and NP3 has advantages when done correctly, but I don't see much value at all in this latest iteration. Beyond, of course, the amazing value of owning a M4. Which everyone should.

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