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Aimpoint Micro-T1 Bling


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KAC has a nice replacement for the factory battery cover, the advantages being no special non-marring tool is necessary to remove the cover if you desire to maintain its showroom finish and it holds an extra battery.


It has the O-ring and nicely proportioned knurls to get a good fingertip purchase on the cover for removal / installation and easier to manipulate the intensity settings when wearing gloves; it has the same cap height profile as the factory cover, although the its hard to tell by the photo; it is also designed with enough internal cap space to accommodate storing a spare battery for 100,000 hours of activity capability (~10 yrs); it comes with an internal rubber washer that fills the gap if you choose not to store a second battery; .......will make a nice Holiday stocking stuffer for yourself.






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Sweet little gizmo. Sold out on the KAC site.

I checked around and if Weapon Outfitters inventory system is accurate they have around 10 in stock as of this post.

I've never shopped there so anyone with experience can weigh in. I may transact there if I can't find it elsewhere.

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Just be sure to put in the extra battery in with the proper orientation or you can have problems. It comes with a warning if memory serves. I also wrap the spare in Saran wrap. The O-ring in lieu of the battery has a history to shutting down the red dot on an AR-15 due to recoil. I can only imagine the issue on a 12 gauge.

As has been noted, it takes awhile to need to change a battery in the T-1 so I don't think I'd buy another one. I picked up a third T-1 recently and didn't even bother to see if I could find one. It also comes with the typical ridiculous KAC pricing -- $37.44 for a cap to solve a nonexistent problem.

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. . . . It also comes with the typical ridiculous KAC pricing -- $37.44 for a cap to solve a nonexistent problem.


But, but, but, but, it's KAC!:(


Oh yeah, I forgot. I have them on most of my t1's. Funny thing. I've yet to replace a battery on any of them. After several years for some of them. I'm not one to change them all out on Jan 1, my birthday, or whatever, so it is nice to have a replacement at hand when one does go down. As long as the replacement is still good after those years of just sitting in there.:rolleyes:

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